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Belgium counts overs 5,000 newsagents, mainly offering print press, tobacco and lottery products. But as the needs and desires of the Belgian consumers change ever more often, they seek a wider range on offer. That is why it is so important to respond swiftly to these evolving needs, by offering personalised, tailor-made service and quality products.

With 125 years of experience, Ubiway is putting its expertise to good use to make this transition a smooth one. In collaboration with our points of sale, publishers and sales partners, we intend to encourage diversification, evolution and innovation.

Belangrijk - important

AMP ondervindt heden vertragingen in de persverdeling.
Alle stappen worden genomen om zo snel mogelijk naar het gewoonlijke verdeelschema terug te keren. Klik hieronder voor meer informatie.

AMP éprouve des retards dans la distribution de la presse et de la diversification. Nous faisons tout le possible pour rétablir la distribution habituelle. Cliquez ci-dessous pour obtenir plus d’informations.